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BOGO deals are generally the best deals out there especially if you have a coupon. Remember you do not have to buy two to get the special price. If you want to buy two make sure you have two coupons to save the most!!
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If a coupon says "ANY" and does not specify " does not include trail size" then you can get the smallest size possible and it is perfectly legit to do so. Some of the best coupons say "ANY" and I have gotten tons of trail size products, great items to donate!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It Is Triple Coupon Time Again at HT and look at all the BOGOs at Bi-Lo!!

BI-LO BOGOs (exp May 5th)
Fresh Baked French All Natural or Italian Bread
Arnold Bread 24 oz. 100% Whole Wheat or 12 Grain Bread
Diet Snapple Powder Drink Sticks 8 Count
Fritos Corn Chips 11.125 oz.
Fuze Singles 20 oz. Assorted Varieties
Hershey’s Syrup 18.524 oz. Assorted Varieties
Iron Brew Coffee 12 oz. Select Varieties
Keebler Ice Cream Cones Select Sizes and Varieties
Lipton Gallons 128 oz. Assorted Varieties
Mott’s for Tots Juice 64 oz
Nabisco Newtons or Fruit Crisps 816 oz. Assorted Varieties
Ocean Spray Powdered Drink Mix To Go 10 Pack
Orville Redenbacher’s Microwave Popcorn 24 Pack Assorted Varieties
Powerade 8 Pack 20 oz. Bottles Assorted Varieties
Sara Lee Deluxe Bagels 22 oz. Select Varieties
Smucker’s Magic Shell 7.25 oz. Select Varieties
Southern Home Wide Pan Breads 24 oz. Assorted Varieties
Stride, Trident or Dentyne Gum 3 Pack Assorted Varieties
Voortman Turnover Cookies 10.6 oz. Assorted Varieties
Wyler’s Drink Mixes Makes 12 Quarts Assorted Varieties
Shedd’s Country Crock 15 oz. Spreads, 10 oz. Squeeze or Brummel & Brown 8 oz. Strawberry Spread Select Varieties
Duke’s Sandwich Spreads 12 oz. Chicken Salad or Pineapple Cream Cheese
Gordo’s White Cheese Dip 16 oz. Assorted Varieties
Cool Whip Aerosol 7 oz.
Dee Amore Twice Baked Potatoes 10 oz.
Dove Original Bars 4 Pack
Minute Maid Orange Juice 12 oz. or Eggo Waffles 9.912.6 oz.
Red Baron Classic, Stone Hearth or Thin Pizza Classic or Thin Crust 14.7622.63 oz
Pet Ice Cream 56 oz.
Philly Swirl Frozen Treats 2124 oz.
Tai Pei Dinners 24 oz
Uno Pizza 27 oz.
Weight Watchers Frozen Treats 26 Pack
Bertolli Pasta Sauce 1524 oz. Assorted Varieties
Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad 6.28.3 oz. Assorted Varieties
Celia’s Flour Tortillas 8 Count 20 oz
Cholula Hot Sauce 5 oz
El Pinto Mild & Medium Salsa 16 oz.
General Mills Cereals Multi Grain Cheerios, Honey Kix or Cinnamon Chex Cereal Select Sizes
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 30 oz. Jar or 22 oz. Squeeze Assorted Varieties
Hormel Chili Microcups 15 oz. Assorted Varieties or Chili Meals 10 oz
HouseAutry Oven Breaders 6 oz. Assorted Varieties
Golding Farms Vidalia Onion Steak Sauce 10 oz.
Kona Coast Specialty Sauces 14.515 oz
Lou Ana Oil 24 oz. Vegetable or Canola
McCormick Taco Seasoning 1.251.5 oz. Assorted Varieties
Mott’s Apple Juice 64 oz.
Mueller’s Spaghetti Noodles 8 oz. Assorted Varieties
Pompeian Extra Light or Extra Virgin Olive Oil 32 oz
Southern Home Coffee Creamer 16 oz. Regular, Fat Free or Lite
Southern Home Maraschino Cherries 10 oz
Stubb’s Bar•B•Q Sauce 18 oz. Select Varieties
Sweet ‘N Low Packets 100 Count or 120 Bonus Pack
L’Oreal Vive Pro Shampoo, Conditioner or Studio Stylers 613 oz. Select Varieties (Excludes Ever Pure)
2000 Flushes Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner 3.5 oz. Assorted Varieties
Citrus Magic Pet Odor Eliminator or Spot & Stain Remover 22 oz.
Chinet Cut Crystal Plates 812 Count or Cut Crystal Tumblers 1825 Count
Finish Powerball Tabs or Gelpacs 32 Count or Finish Quantum 25 Count
Glade Aerosol 9 oz.
Glass Plus Trigger 32 oz
Hefty OneZip Storage or Freezer Bags 1322 Count Assorted Varieties or
Sandwich Bags 35 Count
Mean Green Super Strength Cleaner 32 oz
OCelO Cleaning Pad 1 Count
Purex Liquid Fabric Softner 128 oz
Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent 2X 50 oz
Southern Home Foam Cups 51 Count
Southern Home Plastic Color Cups 20 Count
Southern Home Supreme Clean All Purpose Cleaner Refill 64 oz. or Soft Cleanser 24 oz.
or Glass Cleaner Trigger 32 oz.
Spray ‘n Wash Trigger 2230 oz.
X14 Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner 1 Count
X14 Bathroom Cleaner 2032 oz.
X14 Instant Mildew Stain Remover 16 oz
Boneless Pork Loin Half Value Pack All Natural 35 lb. Avg. Wgt
Boston Butt Country Style Pork Ribs All Natural
Carolina Turkey, Wunderbar Bologna or Russer Cooked Ham
Eckrich Smoked Sausage 1416 oz. (Original or Beef)
Eckrich Turkey Sandwich Meat 12 oz. Assorted Varieties
Fast Fixin’ Chicken Tenders, Nuggets or Popcorn Bites 2326 oz
Fresh Center Cut Boneless Pork Loin Chops All Natural
Land O’ Frost Variety Pack Sandwich Meats 14 oz.
Oscar Mayer Wieners or Beef Franks 1216 oz. Assorted Varieties
Cat’s Pride Cat Litter 20 lb. Bag
Meow Mix 3.154.2 lb. Assorted Varieties
Paws Premium Bites & Bones or Puppy Food 4.4 lb. Bag
Blackberries .5 Pint
Baby Cut Carrots 1 lb. Bag
California Navel Oranges 4 lb. Bag
Dorot Spices 2.5 oz.
Earthbound Farm Organic Salads 5 9 oz. Assorted Varieties
Fresh Express Garden Salad 12 oz
Grape Tomatoes 1 Pint
Naturally Fresh Salad Dressing 1216 oz. Select Varieties
Walter’s Red Potatoes 5 lb. Bag
Yellow Onions 3 lb. Bag
Boneless Tuna Steaks 8 oz. Frozen
Great Fish Bay Scallops 16 oz. Bag Frozen
Mrs. Paul’s Breaded Seafood Products 822.98 oz. Assorted Varieties
Pescanova Jumbo Shrimp 2630 Count Raw 12 oz. Frozen
Southern Home Tilapia Fillets 16 oz. Bag Frozen

Food Lion BOGOs (exp May 5th)
Nature's Pride 100% Wheat Bread
Aquarius Spring Water
General Mills Cereals
Del Monte Canned Fruit
Kraft BBQ Sauce
Hormel Cooked Ham or Great Lakes Colby Jack Cheese
Blue Bunny Ice Cream
PictSweet Steam'ables Meals
Ocean Potion Sun Care
Solar Radiance Suncare
Stridex Pads
Clearwater Petite Argentine Sea Scallops
Food Lion Raw, Large Shrimp
Ledbetter Beef Tenderloin Steak
Hefty Foam Plates or Bowls
Hefty Storage or Freezer Bags
Russet Potatoes
Emerald Cashew Halves or Mixed Nuts
Buy Two Get Two Free
Lay's Chips

Harris Teeter BOGOs (exp May 5th)
It is Triple Coupon Week!! Remember…
Harris Teeter is offering triple coupons from Wednesday morning until Tuesday evening. The rules are simple. You may only use 20 coupons at a time. Every coupon with a face value of less that $.99 will be tripled in value. So that means a $.75 coupon for Colgate is worth $2.25!! And it is on special this week 2/$3 that means you pay $.05 per tube!!
So how do you make the most of this time?
Get Organized go through all of your coupons and select all the high value coupons out.
Make sure all of the selected coupons you are going to use have not expired.
The best times to shop are Wednesday morning, Thursday morning, Saturday morning and Sunday morning. So you may need to go several times to get all the great deals.
Even though you maybe on toothpaste or deodorant “restriction” if you can get a great deal on those types of items do it and donate it. Many churches and local agencies would love to have items you get for next to nothing!

La Brea Bread 3 Cheese & Jalapeno Cheddar Loaf - Fresh Baked
Old El Paso New Microwaveable Side Dishes - 1-8.2 oz
Old El Paso Taco Seasoning - 1-8.2 oz
Kellogg's Froot Loops - 12.2 ounce
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes - 17 ounce
Kellogg's Corn Pops - 12.5 ounce
Spot Shot - 22 ounce
Palmolive Dish Liquid - 25 ounce
Harris Teeter AA Batteries - 24 Count
Excedrin - 50 ct- Tabs, Caps, Migraine, Tension Back & Body
El Monterey Burritos - 32 oz- Bean & Cheese
Breyers Ice Cream - 48 ounce - All Natural or Carb Smart
Deer Park Water - 24 pack, .5 liter - Bottles
Coke Products - 6 pack, .5 liter- Bottles
e-VIC only Specials!!
This week's offer(s)
Save up to $2.00 with these great e-VIC only offers!
- Offer good through May 5, 2009
$1.00 off any Herdez Salsa!12 oz or larger
$1.00 off Harris Teeter Naturals Tortilla Chips16 oz

Lowes Foods BOGOs (exp May 5th)
Cuban bread
Edy's ice cream
McCormick seasoning mix
Lowes Foods macaroni and cheese
Old El Paso rice or beans
Premium russet potatoes
Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn