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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Great Tips for the Laundry Room

Great tip for the Laundry Room –
We save on fabric softener by applying a small amount of liquid fabric softener to a old clean sock, then toss the sock into the dryer with the wet clothes. Just press part of the sock right over the opening of the softener bottle, tip the bottle over enough for a small amount of softener (size of a quarter works for us), to be deposited onto the sock.

Of course you can use an old washcloth, or whatever, but keep reusing it. I used a sock because I can easily keep track of it by tying it around the neck of the softener bottle.
I used a generous coupon to buy the softener about a year ago, and still have nearly 1/2 of the bottle left! (PS: lavender scent on your sheets and pj's really will help you sleep like a baby.) Also we stopped adding softener to the washer rinse cycle because items that need to be absorbent, like towels, socks, etc. become less absorbent when coated with softener over a period of time. The dryer does a good job of making most things come out soft anyway, even without softener.

Or cut sponges in half and keep them in a plastic container on top of the dryer filled with fabric softener diluted with water. Use pair of tongs to squeeze out the sponge and toss it into the dryer.
-great tips from TipHero.com