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How to Best Use The List :
* The lists are current store specials with recent coupons from Sunday coupon inserts found in the newspaper.
For additional coupons use RedPlum.com, Coupons.com, and SmartSource.com
BOGO deals are generally the best deals out there especially if you have a coupon. Remember you do not have to buy two to get the special price. If you want to buy two make sure you have two coupons to save the most!!
Part of being a savvy shopper is staying organized. Try going through your coupon organizer every few weeks to discard old coupons.
If a coupon says "ANY" and does not specify " does not include trail size" then you can get the smallest size possible and it is perfectly legit to do so. Some of the best coupons say "ANY" and I have gotten tons of trail size products, great items to donate!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

More about Coupons!!

The Fine Print – Is it really a good deal?
Buying items in bulk used to be cheaper and sometimes it still is but takes time to look at the fine print located on the price tag on the grocery shelf. Many store will now provide the per unit price (per ounce or per pound) for bulk items there are a few items that will almost always be a better deal when bought in bulk. Consider the unit price on the shelf tag and buy what goes on sale. Often, a smaller size costs pennies or is free with a coupon. Cheese by the block is typically much cheaper than if you buy the already shredded cheese. I also like to buy chicken and hamburger in bulk and then divide it up myself. One of the greatest shortcuts I have ever learned was shared with me a few years ago by a former neighbor. Buy chicken in bulk, for example the value size package of chicken thighs. When you get home divide the large pack into smaller freezer bags and then add a marinade to the chicken. Mark the contents on the outside and freeze. When you are ready to use it – just pull out of the freezer and allow it to defrost as it marinades – the world’s most delicious multi tasker!!
Members Only - and I don’t mean those cool jackets from middle school
Don't think that you can buy everything cheaper at a warehouse club. Very often the members’ only clubs carry the higher price brand of certain items. Know what the typical price is for the brand you buy and then when you are at the club use your calculator to see is being a member is really cheaper on those types of items. Often the clubs do not accept coupons as well. So before your buy ten years worth of applesauce – do your math! However one of the most attractive benefits of the members’ only clubs are often never used. At Costco, they also offer discounts on car loans, vacation planning and even insurance. If you invest in a membership don’t forget to use all the benefits offered!

BOGO -The Real Deal
When items are on a buy-2 for one-price sale, such as 2 boxes of cereal for $4.00, it is usually not necessary to buy two to get the sale price. If you use the item regularly and will need to buy more before they go on sale again (possibly in just a few weeks) go ahead and buy as many as you need. And save even more by matching the sale with a coupon! But if you only need one box of cereal, or whatever the item is, then just buy one. The money you save by not purchasing that second item (just because it’s on sale) may be needed for something else that you might need more, such as milk, bread, produce, chicken, fish or meat.

Another Great web site
Hot Coupon World has a Target coupon generator. Another little-known fact: Target regularly puts-out coupons for products in their store, and often they’re a great deal. The coupon generator lets you print-out as many coupons as you want, and this allows you to really stock-up. A couple of months ago they had a coupon on the Target generator that made Huggies wipes SO cheap, under a dollar each tub. So I printed-out 20 coupons and bought 20 of them! It’s something I KNOW I’m going to use and I usually pay about twice that amount for the cheapest Target wipes. If it’s truly a good deal, this is a great way to stock-up on savings